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There Are Many Varieties of Ants

Depending on the variety ants can be a problem in your home or in your yard.

Ants are social insects of the family Formicidae and, along with the
related families of wasps and bees, belong to the order hymenoptera.

Ants form highly organized colonies, which may occupy large territories
and consist of millions of individuals. Whether your problem is pharaoh
ants inside your home, carpenter ants which can cause serious
structural damage, or fire ants with their painful burning bite controlling
your family's interaction with ants is important.

Fire ants can pose serious physical danger to you and your loved ones.

Perhaps the most serious is the red imported
fire ant with its aggressive nature. Commonly found
in mounds outdoors, it can invade sheds, gutters,
walls or even build mounds up into electric boxes. When disturbed they swarm inflicting multiple bites
and can require emergency treatment.

For more information about fire ants:

Clemson University - Fire Ants

For more information about carpenter ants:

Clemson University - Carpenter Ants

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Why Not "Do It Yourself"?

Ant control procedures vary by species. Using some common
household products can actually make your problem worse by putting stress on the
colony and causing it to split into sub-colonies. How do you know when to use a slow acting
bait or a residual spray? Can you locate the true source of the problem?
Unless you have specialized knowledge you simply won't. It's not an easy problem even
for the experts. It takes time and diligence.

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