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Keeping the number of spiders down means regularly sweeping their webs.

Spiders can be a nuisance or they can be a serious threat, depending upon
the species. Eliminating where they live is one key part of the solution.
Doing so enhances your home's appeal esthetically as well. Apex of
Edisto is equipped to do the job.

For more information about spiders we recommend:

Clemson University - poisonous spiders

Fleas, on the other hand, are one of the hardest insect pests to eliminate
once they become established. To do so requires that you kill the
existing infestation, eliminate the eggs - which they lay by the millions, and
retreat the areas on a regular basis until the life cycle is broken.

Until you successfully do so life for your pets and your family will be
miserable. It is not uncommon for people to abandon their homes
entirely until this is accomplished. You need help, professional help, and
you need it quickly. Edisto, with its sandy soil and warm temperatures, has
provided Brad a lot of experience and practice in dealing with this problem.

For more information about fleas we recommend:

Clemson University - flea fact sheet

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"We were looking after a house and about two weeks after the family
left for the mountains I went in and came out covered with fleas. I immediately
called Brad and he met me the next day to spray. The next week when I checked
the house, no problem, but the second week they were back with a vengeance.
Brad explained to me that in spite of using a residual spray so many eggs had hatched
that not only did we need to re-treat, we needed to have the house cleaned thoroughly
and the vacuum cleaner bags immediately destroyed. After three treatments and
extensive cleaning the problem was brought under control."
Bud Skidmore, Edisto Home Watch

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