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The best treatment for termites is pre-treatment.

Pretreatment for termites is money well spent.

Apex of Edisto can pre-treat or re-treat your home or business
to prevent costly termite damage. Prevention is the key.

Close up of a single termite larvae. Where there's one there will be millions.


Seemingly harmless looking, these tiny worker termites can consume huge amounts of wood fiber, acting quietly where you won't see them. The damage they do can be extensive.


Bait systems around your home provide on-going protection.

The termite baiting system is a less intrusive termite
treatment and can be used at sensitive properties
like beachfront or waterfront properties.

To learn more about termites
we suggest:

Clemson University

North Carolina Extension Service

Or Call the termite expert at Apex of Edisto

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Advance termite bait system.Installing the Advance Bait SystemReveal termite monitoring system.

What our customers are saying:

"Many of our clients at Edisto Home Watch use Apex of Edisto for their pest control needs.
When we call Brad the response is rapid, professional, and the results are good. We can
report back to our customers that the problem is under control. "
Bud Skidmore, co-owner
Edisto Home Watch

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