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Wasps, Bees & Mosquitoes

You can reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property.
Treating for mosquitoes in the landscape.

Wasps, bees and yellow jackets are all beneficial in many
ways. Unfortunately interactions with humans can turn painful
and, in extreme circumstances, deadly.

Honey bees and bumble bees are critical to our flowering
plants and seldom pose a threat to humans. Honeybees can on,
occasion, build hives in buildings and cause significant difficulties.
Carpenter bees drill into wood and can cause costly damage.

Paper wasps and yellow jackets will sting if disturbed and at
certain times of the year it doesn't take a lot to disturb them.
They love to nest behind shutters, under railings, and even in
lawn furniture that hasn't been used for a while. The stings are
painful and for those sensitive to them can be extremely
serious or deadly.

Mosquitoes are carriers of the West Nile virus and encephalitis.
Both can be deadly to pets and humans. We offer monthly treatments
from April to October and one-time services for outdoor events.
We live in the lowcountry because we want to enjoy our
wonderful environment and mosquitoes can make that difficult.

For all of these problems professional pest control can help.

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For more information about wasps and yellow
jackets we recommend:
Clemson University - paper wasps
Clemson University - yellow jackets

For more about bees:
Clemson University - honey bee removal from structures
Clemson University - carpenter bees

For more about mosquitoes:
Clemson University - mosquito fact sheet

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