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Roaches, Palmetto Bugs
and other creepy crawlies...

The only good roach is a dead roach.

While lowcountry residents tell stories about "Palmetto Bugs" they're really talking about the American Cockroach.

Additionally you'll find brown banded, german, and asian roaches (a family called blattania) throughout the area.

Thriving in tropical and subtropical regions they are hardy and tough to eradicate. They eat what you and your pets eat... as well as paper,cardboard, even glue.

Mostly nocturnal, there are many more roaches you do not see. When you do spot roaches you need professional help. You need Brad Drawdy.

To learn more about roaches and other crawling insects we suggest:


Clemson University: Understanding Roach Control

Clemson University: Household Insects

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What our customers are saying:

"With coastal vacation homes rental or otherwise comes bugs of all sorts and keeping
these homes clear is an ongoing task. Atwood Vacations has had the pleasure of working
with Apex of Edisto for many years.

The diligence, integrity and care displayed by this local company can not be beat.
Thank you Apex, we could not do it without you!" The Staff of Atwood Vacations


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